Why Prayer Week?

2 Corinthians 2:12 – 6:13 is the apostle Paul’s summary of Christ’s work on earth. This is a significant passage that goes deep. It is a section referred to as “The New Covenant.” Paul calls us ambassadors, fellow workers with God, servants of God. Ambassadors speak with the full authority of the Head of State (Jesus for us) but they do so under his direct guidance. Ambassadors do not wander off on their own and then ask for him to ‘ok’ their decisions.

God has a purpose not just in the big sense but in our everyday lives. We are not on a mission for God, we are on a mission with God, directed by the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. We are empowered when we welcome His Spirit into everything we do, looking to Him for direction and understanding. We do not get our joy primarily from what He accomplishes through us, but in experiencing a deepening relationship with Him.

Our annual Prayer Week at CRISTA is coming up February 2nd–6th, 2015. At CRISTA, we firmly believe that God wants to align our vision with His calling through prayer. The purpose of Prayer Week is to collectively lift up and entrust CRISTA Ministries at the beginning of the year and pray boldly and specifically about how God will use us through our ministries to bring glory and honor to Him.

I invite you to join me in the events and programs during Prayer Week in February, praying on your own or as a group during the week and then continuing throughout the year.

How will you join Prayer Week this year? See the schedule below and mark your schedule!

Prayer Week Schedule

CRISTA Prayer Week 2013

2013 should be a banner year at CRISTA Ministries. We are beginning the new year with CRISTA Prayer Week, January 3-9, 2013. We are working hard to include our entire world-wide ministries. We will start this week with a special devotion at Schirmer Auditorium on Thursday morning and conclude on the following Wednesday, January 9 with prayer walks around the campus. On Friday night you will find many of us gathering in Reimer library for a prayer and fasting event from 6:00 pm until midnight.

Our theme verse for 2013 is Romans 12:2, Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. This verse reminds us that we have a special mission to accomplish – to live out God’s will in each one of us and through CRISTA as a whole.

CRISTA Prayer Week’s primary purpose is not to collect a huge list of prayer requests to ask God to grant. Intercession and petition are very important, but first and foremost this is a week to remind us about our relationship with Christ, our calling to daily be in His presences, to worship and adore Him, and to ask Him to be the one who guides and leads us. We are seeking to know Him and His will for us, focusing on those this year, and then ask Him for the desires of our heart.

There is nothing more important than this for CRISTA in this special week. I hope everyone in our community will enthusiastically participate. Many of our individual ministries will schedule prayer time with their team. I hope the kids at all our schools will learn more about prayer, I hope all our senior residents set aside special times to pray, I hope our listeners in broadcasting in the Northwest, Canada and Texas will pray with us, Camps will join in and all our overseas offices for World Concern and CVM will participate.

The exercise of prayer is hard work. It takes commitment. It takes faith. It takes time. Whether you are a staff member at CRISTA, a volunteer, a church partner or a donor, I encourage you to be part of this by participating in one of the events or participating in your own way privately.