A Community of Service

The employee and customer service experience is what defines CRISTA’s culture. Our mission to love God by serving people comes to life through our staff and volunteers.

Our employees are professionals who are passionate about growing in their personal relationship with Jesus both personally and in relationship with their colleagues. Every division meets weekly for a time to look at God’s word and pray together. It is a common experience to stop and pray with each other, with those we are serving and just about anyone else. We are acutely aware of our need for God’s Spirit to work in and through us.

In each of our ministries, the people we serve, whether they are students at Kings or Seattle Urban Academy, seniors who live on our campus, radio listeners, veterinarians, the poor in communities around the world, or guests at our two camps, they all experience highly professional, deeply engaged, passionate followers of Jesus.

People here are called to do this work. We pour time and training into them in order to help them grow and learn. We hold each other accountable in caring ways because we understand we are all flawed human beings. We “speak the truth in love.”  The results are in our own lives and in the lives of those we serve.

CRISTA will continue to grow and build on our 67 years of exceptional service to every community we are in across the United States and around the world.

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