Bill Robinson’s Incarnate Leadership

I like to read books on leadership. There are so many out there today—including some with dramatically opposing views. One of my personal favorites though, is Incarnate Leadership by Bill Robinson, former President of Whitworth University.  It is published by Zondervan and well worth the read.   Plus it is short and straight forward.

I find it biblically insightful and applicable for leaders at all levels. Bill has included five chapters, each outlining a unique leadership principle.  Chapter one on  Minding the Gap, two on Leading Openly, three on Bending the Light, four on Living in Grace and Truth, and the last one on Sacrificing.

Reading ought to be about learning and learning ought to change the way we behave.  I meet weekly with the seven people that report directly to me.  One member of the group will lead us through a chapter each week. First, we focus on whether we really understand and believe what he is saying.  We then discuss what we can actually do in the week to begin to put these principles into practice.  The following week we return and report on what we did and how it went.  It is simple but really helpful.

We are all on a journey of learning. Be a lifelong learner!

Bob Lonac

Bob Lonac
President & CEO
CRISTA Ministries

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