Crisis in the Horn of Africa

Famine. This is a word that most of us probably do not react to emotionally or understand rationally… but we should. It should strike fear in the hearts of all who care about their fellow man. Those of us who proclaim the name of Jesus should be particularly moved, but because it is so far aware from our everyday reality, we rarely are.

This Somalian woman just arrived at a World Concern compound. She walked 400 km to get there.
This Somalian woman just arrived at a World Concern compound. She walked 400 km to get there.

The United Nations declared a famine in parts of Southern Somalia on July 20, 2011.  Overall, the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Northeastern Kenya and Southeastern Ethiopia) is experiencing it’s worst drought in more than 60 years. According to the U.N., 11.5 million people are now affected by the draught, with 3.7 million (more than half the population of Somalia) being in need of humanitarian assistance. Acute malnutrition rates of Kenyan and Somalia  are the highest since 2003, reaching 47% among Somali refugees. 554,000 children (1 in 3) are malnourished in southern Somalia. Approximately 1,300 Somalia refugees are arriving in the Dadaab refugee camp in Northeastern Kenya every day.  The Dadaab camp which was built to hold 90,000 refugees, now hosts an estimated 380,000 displaced people. The head of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees described the current crisis as the worst humanitarian crisis facing the world today.

CRISTA’s World Concern has worked in Somalia for more than 30 years. We also currently operate well established programs in Eastern Kenya.

We will work on both sides of the boarder and provide:

  • Increased access to water
  • Emergency food rations
  • Vouchers to purchase food at local markets
  • Emergency medical assistance (working alongside Medical Team International).
  • Sanitation and hygiene

Right now we will target 10,000 people. What a privilege it is to bring love and concrete relief to these brothers and sisters.

Here is how you can help:

  • Donate immediately by phone at 1-800-755-5022.
  • Visit our website and donate online.  The main banner at the top will take you to the Horn of Africa landing page.  You can also go directly to
  • Start a personal fundraising page.  Click here and involve your friends and families to be creative in their fundraising effort.

Bob Lonac

Bob Lonac
President & CEO
CRISTA Ministries

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