Grace, Truth, and Relationships

CRISTA - Grace and TruthThis morning I read the opening chapter of the gospel of John which states that Jesus came to bring us grace and truth.  Those two words jumped out at me anew as I read, and I thought to myself, “Easier said than done.” I find myself fairly often trying to balance these two supposedly opposite values of grace and truth in my relationships.  Even this morning I was chatting with someone and encouraging him to share some difficult things with a colleague, which is not going to be easy.

We tend to think we are going to either win or lose in these hard discussions.  I think that there is a third way.  It is not splitting hairs down the middle or requiring one person to win while the other loses. We are capable of holding on to both grace and truth at the same time.  It is about how we feel towards the person we are addressing, the tone of voice we use, and non-verbal communication that shows you love and care about them and the issue at hand. I know in my heart when someone can say hard things to me and it comes from a place of love and commitment to our relationship, I am built up. Build someone up today. Pray for grace and truth, and give it a try.

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