Honoring the Christ-Like Character of Bob Reeverts

A long time friend and mentor of mine, Bob Reeverts (pictured right), graduated to heaven a few days ago.  I knew Bob and his wife, Ann, for 45 years. Bob was my Regional Director for Young Life in the Bay Area and later became the International Director for Young Life in Colorado Springs. More importantly, he was a relentless and loving warrior for Jesus every day of his life. I never knew a man who was more consistent in the character traits that reflect Jesus Christ, than Bob Reeverts.

The first year as my boss, he met with me every week. He would give me an assignment out of a little book he kept on growing in Christ, and had me return the next week—with my homework done and my bible verses memorized. It was a rich and life-forming experience for me. Now, I have in turn, had those same kinds of meetings  with over 30 young leaders, each time following Bob’s example of giving away what God has taught me.

Recently, I have been reading some about character and reputation.  Reputation is what others think of you (don’t worry about that). Character is who you really are and is built over a lifetime (this one can be tough, sorry about that!). Bob taught me the most important decisions I make are the ones when I am alone and nobody sees. Every action and every thought either builds or tears down our character. I couldn’t agree more, and often taught this lesson to my four boys.

At CRISTA, I hope we are known as people of character more than anything else. Character that radiates the love of Christ through the way we serve people. That is a legacy worth building.

 Bob Reeverts was a man of character. I will miss him dearly.

Bob Lonac

Bob Lonac
President & CEO
CRISTA Ministries

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