A Powerful Night with King’s Schools

Music fills the heart and inspires the soul.  Kathleen and I attended the farewell concert for Wayne Pumphrey, who has been at King’s High School for 17 years.  Current members of the high school choir and orchestra were joined by alumni of the King’s music program for two hours of majestic, top-quality and worshipful music.

Among the alumni were past winner of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Competition and many other winners of prestigious awards.  They traveled the world sharing God’s love through short term missions.  These alumni thanked Wayne for his faithfulness and commitment to King’s music program and shared how their lives were transformed through their educational experience at King’s.

It was a total wow experience.  At CRISTA we aim for the professionalism of our staff and a living spiritual vitality that touches and transforms the lives of those we serve. How could you not want to be a part of that effort!  I am very excited to be a part of this mission and looking forward to seeing what God will do through CRISTA!

Bob Lonac
Bob Lonac
President & CEO
CRISTA Ministries

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