The Miracle of Seattle Urban Academy

This month I attended Seattle Urban Academy’s (SUA) “Miracle Event.” This is the annual dinner celebrating God’s work at SUA while raising support to keep it thriving. You might think it is hard to schedule a miracle. Yet every year I walk away feeling like I just experienced more than one.

Seattle Urban Academy is a positive, educational community where students at risk develop academic, social, and spiritual maturity to graduate from high school and transition to higher education and sustained employment. Do you want to hear some incredible statistics? Take this:

Nationally, an average of 10% of at-risk students complete a post-graduate program. But at Seattle Urban Academy, 80% of graduates who enter a four year college, junior college or an employment training program complete their endeavor. Now that is a miracle.

The school is small by design. Average attendance is 35 students. This year nine students will graduate. Two have received a full ride scholarship to Whitworth University in Spokane, Wash., and six others are going to accredited universities and community colleges this coming fall. Again, more miracles.

Some other miracles we have seen at SUA:

  • 96% of SUA seniors graduate
  • 91% of SUA graduates go on to higher education or sustained employment within a year of graduation.
  • 65% of SUA graduates are employed vs. 25% of Washington-state youth
  • New enrollees earn an average of 278% more credit their first quarter at SUA than the average credit earned per quarter at their previous schools.

God is at work, and it is such a privilege to be part of the miracle story he is writing through SUA.

Bob Lonac
Bob Lonac
President & CEO of CRISTA Ministries

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